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If you would like us to grind your coffee beans then please email us and we will arrange to dispatch your beans ground to your requirements, that said we feel you’re missing out on fantastic aromas and the experience of grinding your own beans.

Grinding Coffee

While capsules have continued to improve in recent years, nothing can match the taste of freshly ground coffee.

Why are freshly ground beans better ?

Using fresh, good quality beans is the foundation to a perfect cup of coffee. Grinding coffee beans is a crucial part of the brewing process, as grinding the beans, immediately before brewing, helps to retain the delicate oils and aromas contained inside the beans. Its also important to have control of the coarseness of the grind so you can adjust it to suit the type of beans and the coffee maker you are using – this has a huge impact on flavour.

Coffee Extraction

When we brew a cup of coffee, we are extracting soluble flavours from coffee beans with hot water. This is called coffee extraction.
There are many variables that can alter the coffee extraction and the taste of your cup.

Size Matters

Each brewing device requires a unique grind size. For example, an espresso shot calls for a finer grind, while a French Press requires a courser grind.

Burr or Blade Grinder ?

Go burr!

Grinders vary massively in price and quality, the above information is our own guide to Grinding Coffee beans, naturally these are our views, others may differ, we only recommend products we’ve used or tested and liked, other grinders are available.

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